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3 Ton Silindir Makinesi

Cruising Speed 0-8km/hour Lubrication Amount 2L
Turning Radius 3800mm Fuel Consumption 113g/kwh
Slope Capability %40 Fuel Tank Capacity 15L
Before/After Compression Static Line Load 57/25N/cm Steel Wheel Width (front and rear) 1200mm
Nominal Amplitude 0.6mm Steel Wheel Diameter (front and rear) 630mm
Vibration Frequency 70Hz Center Distance Between Front and Rear Wheels 1800mm
Exciting Force 60KN Total Length 2500mm
Water Tank Capacity 140L Overall Width 1250mm
Power Model Kubota Total Height (without anti-fall bar lowered) 2600mm
Engine Type D1105 EPA Total Height (with anti-fall bar lowered) 1700mm
Power 18.2Kw